LABORATORY OF INTERDISCIPLINARY PRACTICES project is a research of new interdisciplinary practices of actual art, possibility to hear, to get into art practices, which are often absent in Ukrainian educational system, through discussions, work-shops, performances, authors projects and consultations with experienced theorists and experts of new art technologies.

Between September 1 to September 7, 2019, Lviv will host the SCHOOL OF PERFORMANCE within the framework of the festival DAYS OF PERFORMANCE ART IN LVIV. This is the only training ground in Ukraine where you can learn from experience shared by recognized experts of performance art from all over the world.

«Training practice revealed to the public as an open show makes the Lviv project one of the most outstanding presentations of the art of performance in Europe. The confrontation of the youngest performers and experienced participants in the international artistic movement, in particular from Spain, Great Britain, Israel, Ukraine, Indonesia, and Poland, yields fruit in the form of new contacts and information exchange, which is priceless for the development of art. » (Janusz Baldyga, Curator of the SCHOOL OF PERFORMANCE)

The School offers a training process open to all forms and circumstances related to the art of performance, and, therefore, it is not a closed laboratory. At the end of the training, the School participants will have a chance to present their own ideas within the framework of the festival.

The SCHOOL OF PERFORMANCE was established in 2009 on the initiative of the experienced artist and educator Professor Janusz Baldyga.

The SCHOOL OF PERFORMANCE aims to encourage the development of performance art in Ukraine. Each year, it admits about 50 students from different cities of Ukraine.



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