Developing and using of innovative practices, which has initiated Les´ Kurbas on the art scene of 1920-s, opened other way for self expression at that time and inspires now. Our BEREZIL LABORATORY OF INTERDISCIPLINARY PRACTICES project is a continuation of new art practices and innovative experiments developing of Les´ Kurbas. Project goal is researching of these art practices, creating possibilities for artistic experiment and expression, continual interaction between educational component and practical art contacts, uniting all those who wish.

BEREZIL LABORATORY OF INTERDISCIPLINARY PRACTICES project is a research of new interdisciplinary practices of actual art, possibility to hear, to get into art practices, which are often absent in Ukrainian educational system, through discussions, work-shops, performances, authors projects and consultations with experienced theorists and experts of new art technologies.

During a year will be held series of periodic symposiums, each of them comprises a few thematic lectures, work-shops and art laboratories, individual discussions and consultations.


Partners and organizers