PERFORMANCE symposium 2020


For the last few months, we have been full of uncertainty and questions, sometimes even blocked by them. The appearance of freedom is present but its visibility is limited by instructions and forced isolation, which requires adaptation to contactless. We are surrounded by a transparent barrier, and we are separated by it. Sometimes it almost disappears, then it regains its expression. There is an obstacle, we feel it, we notice it, but we cannot touch it.
By exploring the areas that have not seemed to be full enough of life or presence, such as virtuality, the Internet, video and streamings, we are looking for the ways to feel the micro-contact with a viewer and the energy created in the process of immersion into the performance. The lack of a direct contact in the performance art in the online time has opened a door to new ways of how performance pieces emerge and how they are perceived. This is an attempt to overcome the distance. It is not just about a physical distance, boundaries and kilometers, but immersion in ourselves. It is about overcoming the distance between place and space around. When and in what form does the action, the process, the performance take place? How does the author communicate with the world? Does this interaction occur when the author is a spectator, being with himself, creating an action, or when the audience concentrates behind the screens in the length of live broadcasts?

We are constantly in the process of change. The ability to adapt to what reality offers us has created grounds for rethinking our own capabilities in 2020. For some, it is a special year, a difficult year, a year of change or isolation. For others, everything remains at the usual pace and rhythm, and for some, it has created new opportunities … Have we become more flexible, or do we look at the long-established reality differently?

From 21 to 27 December 2020, in the space of the DZYGA gallery, as part of performers’ experiment united by context and art actions, we will discuss and live these processes together in a series of meetings and presentations. The PERFORMANCE SYMPOSIUM will begin with the opening of a joint project by Barbara Le Béguec Friedman (France) and Yaryna Shumska (Ukraine) called DIALOGUE.
Every night, in the gallery and nearby there will be performances with the participation of Lviv artists Volodymyr Topiy, Maria Hoyin, the group ZABIH (Andriy Helytovych, Bohdan Yanchuk-Zukher, Olya Chyhryk), Ostap Manulyak and Volodymyr Kaufman.

This year’s PERFORMANCE SYMPOSIUM will take place on the initiative
with the support of the VIRMENSKA THIRTY-FIVE NGO and the LVIV CITY COUNCIL
in partnership with the INSTITUTE OF CULTURAL STRATEGY.

All performances are free to visit.
The main location is DZYGA Gallery, 35 Virmenska Str.

Partners and organizers