the Program SPACE − TIME − CULTURAL CONTEXT by Janusz Bałdyga [2019]

September 01 – September 05, 10:00-14:00,
the Program SPACE − TIME − CULTURAL CONTEXT by Janusz Bałdyga in frame of the School of Performance 2019.


The master class addresses the issue of space, place and presence in the context of a cultural myth that originates from a tradition of modern times or family history, that is, it can cover the entire cultural spectrum or be limited to the scope of private narrative.

I propose to make a well-known myth that comes from Daniel Defoe’s novel Robinson Crusoe a starting point.

Keywords: loneliness, boundary, time, loop, circle, existence.

We are talking about a territory bounded by a closed line (an island) as a place of existence of one person, attempts to find contact with the outside world, a footprint of a human foot on the sand (signal, sign).

During the first conversation we will try to find the answer to the cultural (historical, public) context of each of us. We will choose one motif, such as Robinson Crusoe, Moby Dick, or several other motifs suggested by the master class participants.

  1. The starting point is the area closed by a loop, a circle that can be formed by changing the proportion, shape (soft matter, ephemeral drawing, movable elements).
  2. Each of us resides within “our own territory” in conditions similar to those of other participants. This is about similar, comparable status of all participants in the master-class.
  3. Attempts at spatial, sound interaction, etc.
  4. Creating a place, building an autonomous sign (repetitive motion, immobility, formation of matter).
  5. Public display as one event (about 30 – 40 minutes long)
  6. Synchronization of actions. It is necessary to preserve the autonomy of the action of each of us, but also the discipline of the group as an equal value.

Space – time – cultural context is the basic triad on which we will build strategies for our actions.

Partners and organizers