LABORATORY OF INTERDISCIPLINARY PRACTICES project is a research of new interdisciplinary practices of actual art, possibility to hear, to get into art practices, which are often absent in Ukrainian educational system, through discussions, work-shops, performances, authors projects and consultations with experienced theorists and experts of new art technologies.
«Training practice revealed to the public as an open show makes the Lviv project one of the most outstanding presentations of the art of performance in Europe. The confrontation of the youngest performers and experienced participants in the international artistic movement, in particular from Spain, Great Britain, Israel, Ukraine, Indonesia, and Poland, yields fruit in the form of new contacts and information exchange, which is priceless for the development of art. » (Janusz Baldyga, Curator of the SCHOOL OF PERFORMANCE)


We are constantly in the process of change.  The ability to adapt to what reality offers us has created grounds for rethinking our own capabilities  in 2020. For some, it is a special year, a difficult year, a year of change or isolation. For others, everything remains at the usual pace and rhythm, and for some, it has created new opportunities … Have we become more flexible, or do we look at the long-established reality differently?
From 21 to 27 December 2020, in the space of the DZYGA gallery, as part of performers’ experiment united by context and art actions, we will discuss and live these processes together in a series of meetings and presentations.



Partners and organizers