Bartolomé FERRANDO

Valencia, Spain, 1951
Performer and visual poet.
Teacher of intermedia and performance art in the Universitat Politècnica de València

Member of Flatus Vocis Trio (phonetic poetry), Taller de Música Mundana (object music) Rojo (free jazz and performance) and JOP (improvised music and voice)

Performances in: Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Holland, Finnland, Sweden, Norway, Canadá, México, USA, Japan, China, Singapoor, Vietnam, Israel, Czech R, Slovaquia, Germany, Rumania, Korea, Denmark, Belarus, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina and Dominican R.


“I always take the poetic image as a starting point in my work in the realm of visual poetry, object poetry, object book, sound poetry, installation and performance. The sphere of poetry helps me to build, to construct pieces and structures which I can use to approach and head into the areas of music, plastic art and action.

The result of all this is an oeuvre that could be categorised and set in the field of intermediate art, a practice in which the most prominent feature is that a work can be interpreted from the angle of at least two different artistic domains, since it straddles both areas.

I would finally like to add the fact that humour can be found in many of my objects and performances, trying to make its presence felt from the interiority of the pieces.” Bartolomé Ferrando

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