Lior Kariel

Is an interdisciplinary artist, who works primarily with performance art, open public space, political and social issues.

She presents performances and video works since 1996. She participates in art festivals, exhibitions and art events in Israel and around the world.

“In the performance/action, I perform in front of the audience which comes with knowledge, interest, curiosity, and which is ready for the challenge. There is also a casual audience that meets the unknown challenge and the surprising experience.

There is a risk of responsibility and disagreement for keeping the audience and checking mine and the audience’s norms and boundaries, a position of social and political criticism.  Society does not see, ignore, and turn away from the unfamiliar thing.

The message that each viewer/participant builds by his/her narrative depends on his/her knowledge of the language – art – if not, then the initial interpretation is also very important. It means understanding while asking questions. There is an imminent metamorphosis by a biographical, textual, associative and political dilemma.

I examine the pathways and explore my attitude toward it by beats of the action that has occurred. What was to occur, that should occur, such as dance steps in a waltz. These “traces” form a part of the remaining traces in the physical and human path residues that do not disappear.

An important note that arises: an exposition is not random, it is not spontaneous. The presentation is planned with thinking and textual contexts of various types. There are spontaneous parts that occur in the process of the performance, but they are related to the plan – it is a paradox. I think that an unplanned performance loses interest and the viewer lacks a vision. He does not see where the things are developing”.

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