1989 (Cádiz, Andalusia, Spain): Diploma of Higher Education in Art Photography and Design by the Escuela de Arte de Sevilla (Art School of Seville), where he finished with the project: «Allegory of a broken home». This work received the recognition from different international festivals and he has participated with it in numerous exhibitions.

In 2014, thanks to the masterful Bartolomé Ferrando, he started an art practice focused on direct experience. University Degree in Fine Arts by the «Universidad Politécnica de Valencia» (University of Valencia), specialization in Intermedia Art. It has several workshops and collaborations with Monika Günther, Seiji Shimoda or Alastair MacLennan among others.

Currently he has made more than 70 exhibitions in this field, he has participated in important festivals like Acción!MAD, ARCO or INTERVAL. At the same time, he manages different cultural projects such as Diàleg Obert or the international project FORMA-TEM, in the theatre El Musical of Valencia.

«The object conceals, in its apparent insignificance, the capacity to transform the known world».
My research since 2014 has developed around the body/object notion, from which I pretend: minimizing the intention, liberating the material from its functionality, blurring the limit of our relationships and adopting a dissident position concerning impositions. Concretely, I am referring to those that hold a normative use of the quotidian object and oppose to the value of suggestions, the flights of meaning, the subtle, the absurd and the insignificant as expressive mediums.

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