Galia Pavlichenko

Works in such areas  photography, performance.

Since 2004 she has been participating in exhibitions and art projects.

As a visual artist, I focus on the composition and the aesthetics. I aim to remove the overload of objects and be left with what is really necessary. In my work, materials are an important element in the actions I do. I use them not only in the mental aspect, but physically. Something happens when body meets matter. The meeting between the two and the outcome of it is interests me in my research.

I rely on memories, on primitive rituals that accompanied my childhood, I see in these elements the truest and most honest part. I act from intuition, taking in consideration the moment and nature of the place I arrive to. Every time I set myself a challenge and I aim to overcome another barrier. As I see an action I wish to do, but it raises in me an urge to run, hide, evade, when it frightens me – I know this is the right thing to do.

Partners and organizers