Spanish visual artist, independent cultural organizer, and teacher. Her work
has evolved from photography and video to performance art, a practice that she is dedicated
since 2007 almost exclusively, taking part in numerous festivals, events, and residences,
also in Spain and abroad, such as Canada, Germany, Finland, Norway or Morocco.
Her passion for performance art pushes her to co-coordinate EXCHANGE Live Art project
with the artist Ana Matey, in which they research on the communication, taking action art
as the main tool and subject, making residences, laboratories, and encounters. She
combines her artistic and organizing activity with teaching, conducting workshops in
different contexts and institutions, such as art centers, universities and independent

I conceive artistic creation as an act closely linked to life, so that my works need to be
sincere and be connected with my personal experiences and my daily life. I am interested
in the minimum things and the seemingly insignificant, engine and inspiration of my work,
often linked to memory and memories, as well as austere in terms of technical and
material needs.

I like performance art because the presence of the audience and how it contributes to the
work to exist, often being the protagonist of my work, sometimes in actions that invite to
intimate communication. I love to play, challenges, absurdity, and nonsense, causing
situations or experiences that push me to dilate borders.

I work with immediacy, with the “here and now” with the present circumstances, as I think
any context and situation can be the starting point to create works that invite to reflection. I
like to immerse myself in the creative process from scratch, without ideas or
predetermined aims, allowing work arises from any space or situation, both formally and
conceptually. Currently, I am deeply interested in creative processes that start from
openness and trust in intuition and spontaneity, where I mix intention and improvisation. 

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