a Thai Performance artist born and based in Bangkok, who is considered to be one of the most dedicated and active Thai performance artists

a project manager of ASIATOPIA International Performance Art Festival, independent curator

her works tell stories about beauty and horror in life and criticism of humanity’s violence and alienating impulses

<I tell my story with a red yarn. The world has an orbit. Humans have the way to go. I would like to search the sense of humans, hundreds of stories and explore the meaning of life. I believe in vulnerable life. I feel my life is empty and I try to seek the relationship with the things surrounding me. I do my art like a journey through the World.

In my works, I get in touch with things regardless of their possible outlandishness. When I look at them I feel that all that we are is a painfulness which we are trying to wrap up with — Fear …Courage…Weakness…>

Life is vulnerable. Easiness is lacking. Tears and extinction.

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