Szymon Kula

Was born 1994. Originally from Katowice and currently studying under the painting department at the University of Arts, Poznan. This scholar of the Ministry of Culture is a co-founder of the project «Kij w obraz»; organising meetings, demonstrations and analytical discussions with leading artists.

This artist deals with both painting and actions in relation to performance art, dwelling on the premeditated relationship between the body and the object.

Recent exhibitions include: Wystawa Rysunku Studenckiego (Wozownia Toruń 2014); Festiwal «Trzy, Czte Ry! Performance.» (BWA Zielona Góra 2015); «Unease/Niepokój» (UP Gallery Berlin 2015); Festiwal «Klasycy i adepci polskiej sztuki performance» (Katowice 2015); XVII International Art Festival Interakcje (Piotrków Trybunalski 2015); International Painting Competition Trzy Mosty (Warszawa 2015).

Partners and organizers