works in the genres performance art, video art, photography, installation

graduated Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (Tel-Aviv), participated in Erasmus Mundus Program (Belgium), Residency at A-Z Institution of Investigative Life, Andrea Zittel’s compound at Joshua Tree (California, USA), SERDE. lv thematic residency (Aizpute, Latvia)

TAL ROSEN’s works are created with materials that he assembles in order to create a kind of game, whether in the object being photographed or in the distinction between the photograph as a documentation and the photograph as a work itself.

he has exhibited at various art institutions, including Nahum Gutman Museum in Tel-Aviv, Palermo Gallery in Stuttgart, UCLA New Wight Biennale in Los Angeles, Manifesta in Zurich.

lives and works in Tel Aviv


Partners and organizers