Sigmund Skard

Born in 1952,  lives in Valevåg in Sveio , NORWAY

He is graduated at the Academy of Art in Oslo (KHIO) and exhibited or performed at Kunstnerforbundet in Oslo, Örebro Art Hall, (Sweden) Kunstbanken Art Centre (Hamar, Norway), Gallery BOA, (Oslo),  The Armory Show (NY), Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum, (Førde, Norway) Vestlandsutstillingen (Haugesund, Norway) Gallery No Place, (Oslo). RiAP 2014, Performance festival, (Québec, Canada). International Performance art Giswil, (Switzerland), also in Portugal and Poland.


Skard works with art that is close to reality.

New forms and qualities of known and everyday material are used as a basis for minimalistic and low-key works of art – performance, sculpture, object, photo, video and land art.

The aesthetics and use of materials can be associated with the Fluxus movement and Arte Povera;

spartan, absurd, playful and down to earth.

Expressions and themes are sober and pragmatic, with roots in country traditions.

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