The festival was characterized by various elements which we combined, bringing about significant professional fulfillment, accompanied by consolidating human and interpersonal experiences.

In conversations I had with festival audience and participants, students and artists, they all expressed great appreciation of the professionalism, which was reflected in their active participation and excitement for the connection with students, artists, and teachers.

An important balance was felt between audience, students, and artists at the festival. It is important to note the involvement and responsiveness of the audience, who took an active part in the festival, and showed curiosity. This element reflects the central and important place DZYGA has in the art scene in Europe.

The festival expressed and gave a sense of containment, warmth, and inclusion that artists received, in addition to support in every form they needed.

My feeling was that all this was given with honest love, out of deep respect to the “other” and granting freedom of action and the expression of spontaneity and differences, enabling all artists and students to express the performance act with originality.

On a personal note, I feel the festival greatly strengthened my professional insights and personal processes within me.

I will conclude by noting that the construction –  that of artist-student-presentations action – built and felt at the festival was powerful. It encouraged artistic actions, and I felt it building on very old and strong foundations, giving a sense of solidity, and expressions of deep and open professional options.

Lior Kariel, Performance artist

Partners and organizers