Performance by Chinese artist Wang Chuyu made happy everyone and we all felt into childhood

14 05 2017 Performance by Chinese artist Wang Chuyu made happy everyone when people came out from the gallery in small groups they were smiling. In the totally dark room, on the walls between the stones, with the flashlight, he found photos and shared them with us. It was a particulare game and we felt into childhood.

To Yeuk shared with us her ease of internal struggle. With the elegant body plastic and unwinking stare, she created the identity of a small girl, who suddenly grew up. The Artist began his performance with a particular play, spreading golden spangles on the table. Then she touched the table surface with her face several times, caught the golden powder with her skin. Then author started slowly taking out a long white yarn from her mouth. And it was a symbol of transition to something new. When she stopped this process, To Yeuk tried to catch her previous golden lightening by forming the ball with the black plastic bag, which was lying on the table, and golden spangles inside. Staying on the table and holding the ball in her hands artist from Hong Kong was like protesting against the changes, which were happened with her. But dreams about the unbearable lightness of being were spreading as quick as the spangles did from the bag with strong wind. Then author turned over the table and leaned with her face, laying on the ground. It was the moment of perception or even understanding and it caught everyone. Ms. To was laying some minutes, then punched the table, which slowly moved down the street.

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