Chen Shisen | SANMU from Hong Kong presented a static work-gesture

13 05 2017 Chen Shisen | SANMU from Hong Kong presented a static work-gesture

In front of Dzyga entrance, he stretched a piece of long paper roll and was catching drops of rain. Through the wetness surface of paper has cockled and with their light yellowness looked like a naked skin of the human being. Then author turned back to the gallery and forced juice out of a fresh pomegranate on the paper, added, even more, symbolysm to their work skin changed into a flash, where circulates blood. Than performer by iron created delightful Asian patterns on the roll, accented attention of the audience (who just eaten the rest of pomegranate) on natural coincidences, which create true beauty.

The performance of Nanxi Liu caught the interest of the Laboratory audience from the first minutes. It was offered them to stay one by one into the long queue and slowly move through the small corridor between the gallery and Lesya Ukrainka Street. Staying near to other they tried to see what is happened and waited their turn. When it is was the time, people saw in the corridor tender Liu, who cleanse shoes for everyone with small patch and water. Such single gesture of artist told us about warmth, equality, and care, which should exist between the people, and art in her work was on the same level with people, who tried at least somehow to understand it.

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