The workshop of Marta Bosowska has ended

16 05 2017 The workshop of Marta Bosowska ended. During tree days of workshops, pupils had to
have a possibility to work with a gesture understanding and expression, research a reliance of
audience and author on a place, its worth for work, experiment with changes, which are happen with
an object by interaction with a human beeing, by repeating, in different spaces.

The central point of the workshop by Marta Bosowska was a memory, which artist analyses in her works and in works of other artists. During workshops pupils were working with researching of collective and personal memory, and also a memory of a place, objects, acts. Work in groups, individual, simultaneous and also with an interaction between participants is a special experience.Nobody knows if it will repeat, but it’s beeing is an opening own possibilities of understanding the nature of relations between author and audience, a readiness of gallery audience or some street people. The workshop provoked pupils to feel oneself other… in a community, for somebody gave an understanding of sign, symbol, which often happens in performance. At the first day, it was easy to understand from wich sphere are pupils, is he or she a theater actor, dancer, painter or psychologist. But at the end of the workshop, everyone approached each other, managed to came closer to improvisation and to forget their stereotypes, they could separate for themselves some attributes of performance art and to act in the art sphere.

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