the Program LABORATORY OF THE BODY by Martine Viale [2018]

September 02 – September 04, 10:00-14:00,
the Program LABORATORY OF THE BODY by Martine Vial in frame of the School of Performance 2018.

This workshop will be addressing  different ways to connect with time and space while using the body as a place of research.

We will be looking at how duration can transform our vision and inform the directions of our actions.

Through fine observations and exercices designed to broader our sense of attention, we will be integrating different possibilities of exploring intimacy with ourselves, with others and with places.

Working with a wide variety of experimental situations, participants will develop skills to communicate with the body and transform ideas into a performance work.

The emphasis will be placed both on solo and group explorations as well as on performance process.


MARTINE VIALE  born in 1968 in Montreal, Canada,  lives and works in Perpignan, France.

Viale creates installations using the process of performance.

In her work she values time, a direct engagement with the space and process action, allowing her to develop many perspectives at once.

For the last fifteen years, Martine Viale has been offering intensive workshops in Montreal, Canada as well as in Chicago, France and Brussels and more recently in Catalonia, Spain.



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