Between September 1 to September 8, 2018, Lviv will host the SCHOOL OF PERFORMANCE # 10 within the framework of the festival Days of Performance Art in Lviv

This is the only training ground in Ukraine where you can learn from experience shared by recognized experts of performance art from all over the world.
This year’s SCHOOL OF PERFORMANCE includes an integral cycle of master classes, targeted primarily at attaining individual results for each participant.

Each year, the School develops training proposals, offering the opportunity to work together with new teachers – artists who implement original copyrighted practices. This strategy contributes to enriching the experience of school participants.

This year’s SCHOOL OF PERFORMANCE will include three training groups with master classes conducted by experienced performers: JANUSZ BALDYGA from Poland, BARTOLOMÉ FERRANDO from Spain, and MARTINE VIALE from France. The School’s program of master classes will also include the performance lecture by VOLODYMYR KAUFMAN.

«Training practice revealed to the public as an open show makes the Lviv project one of the most outstanding presentations of the art of performance in Europe. The confrontation of the youngest performers and experienced participants in the international artistic movement, in particular from Spain, Great Britain, Israel, Ukraine, Indonesia, and Poland, yields fruit in the form of new contacts and information exchange, which is priceless for the development of art. » (Janusz Baldyga, Curator of the SCHOOL OF PERFORMANCE)


I had a very rich experience at Days of performance art in Lviv, as a participating artist of the festival and also as a workshop facilitator. As an artist I felt supported and listened to which is always reassuring. The festival team did everything they could to facilitate the work of all the artists and […]

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The festival was characterized by various elements which we combined, bringing about significant professional fulfillment, accompanied by consolidating human and interpersonal experiences. In conversations I had with festival audience and participants, students and artists, they all expressed great appreciation of the professionalism, which was reflected in their active participation and excitement for the connection with […]

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Berezil is a movement
and when it will stop being a movement, it will deny its own name – it will not exist anymore

It is a free association with dynamic mottos. It is a process.
And it exists not only in a theater, and not even in art, but in culture, in life.
Berezil has a lot to do with theater, because it gives emotional answers on all of its perceptions
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