From September 1 to September 7, the Institute of Contemporary Art in Lviv is holding the SCHOOL OF PERFOMANCE based on a more than ten-year tradition of action art festival – Days of Performance Art in Lviv, which continues to be the only professional educational platform in Ukraine. The SCHOOL OF PERFOMANCE project will be supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

Among other performance festivals, the SCHOOL OF PERFOMANCE is distinguished by interpreting the educational process as the basis for developing action art: it is a complete cycle of master classes, where each participant has the opportunity to present an individual result.

The choice of an educational mission as one of the major tasks shapes its own artistic environment. The SCHOOL is becoming a place of confrontation of young individuals of the Ukrainian performance art with experienced international environment of action art.

The content of this year's festival is shaped by the art and individual strategies of the invited artists. The structure of the training is based on three integrated streams: Technology (training) - Mastership (open public presentation of their own performance ideas by School participants after training) - Performance art (familiarization with current trends in modern art of action, performers’ shows).

the program I− AM− HERE− by Kineret Haya Max [2019] [video]

August 31 – September 03, 10:00-14:00, the Program I− AM− HERE− by Kineret Haya Max in frame of the School of Performance 2019. I- AM- HERE- Each of the essence − I, Am, Here is a container of circumstances. The inherent electricity of performance art has a lot to do with the constantly changing reality. […]

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Berezil is a movement
and when it will stop being a movement, it will deny its own name – it will not exist anymore

It is a free association with dynamic mottos. It is a process.
And it exists not only in a theater, and not even in art, but in culture, in life.
Berezil has a lot to do with theater, because it gives emotional answers on all of its perceptions
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