Between September 1 to September 8, 2018, Lviv will host the SCHOOL OF PERFORMANCE within the framework of the festival Days of Performance Art. This is the only training ground in Ukraine where you can learn from experience shared by recognized experts of performance art from all over the world.

This year’s SCHOOL OF PERFORMANCE includes an integral cycle of master classes, targeted primarily at attaining individual results for each participant. The School offers a training process open to all forms and circumstances related to the art of performance, and, therefore, it is not a closed laboratory. At the end of the training, the School participants will have a chance to present their own ideas within the framework of the festival.

“Training practice revealed to the public as an open show makes the Lviv project one of the most outstanding presentations of the art of performance in Europe. The confrontation of the youngest performers and experienced participants in the international artistic movement, in particular from Spain, Great Britain, Israel, Ukraine, Indonesia, and Poland, yields fruit in the form of new contacts and information exchange, which is priceless for the development of art.” (Janusz Baldyga, Curator of the SCHOOL OF PERFORMANCE)

Each year, the School develops training proposals, offering the opportunity to work together with new teachers – artists who implement original copyrighted practices. This strategy contributes to enriching the experience of school participants.

This year’s SCHOOL OF PERFORMANCE will include three training groups with master classes conducted by experienced performers: JANUSZ BALDYGA from Poland, BARTOLOMÉ FERRANDO from Spain, and MARTINE VIALE from France.

JANUSZ BALDYGA will carry on with the concept of thematic master classes and offer the topic: “STATIC PERFOMANCE – DYNAMICS OF MOTIONLESS”, where students will explore the moment of motionlessness, standstill as a culmination of action.

BARTOLOMÉ FERRANDO, artist, educator, and curator of many festivals and practical educational projects related to performance art, who works in the genre of visual and vocal poetry, will hold the master class “IN THE SOUND WORK”.

MARTINE VIALE’s master class “LABORATORY OF THE BODY” will focus on the various ways to bond with time and space, using the body as a research laboratory. For fifteen years, Viale has been conducting intensive master classes in Montreal (Canada), as well as in Chicago (USA), France and Brussels, and recently in Catalonia (Spain).

The School’s program of master classes will also include the performance lecture DESCENSION by VOLODYMYR KAUFMAN.

Alongside the School’s activity, there will be performances by Ukrainian artists ANTON SAIENKO, NATALYA LISOVA and KOSTYANTYN ZORKIN, LIOR KARIEL and GALIA PAVLICHENKO from Israel, MARTINE VIALE and PASCALE CIAPP from France, JANUSZ BALDYGA and MARIAN STEPAK from Poland, SIGMUND SKARD from Norway and BARTOLOMÉ FERRANDO from Spain.

Training at the SCHOOL OF PERFORMANCE and performance shows will take place in the period from September 1 to September 7. At the end of the festival, there will be an open discussion of the results of the project among the School participants and audience of the festival.

You can register for the SCHOOL OF PERFORMANCE from August 10 to August 23, 2018 by filling out the electronic form at:

The key selection criterion will be the personal motivation of potential students.

You will be notified about your admission by August 25.

The main venue of the festival: Dzyga Gallery, 35 Virmenska Street

Curators: Volodymyr Kaufman (Ukraine), Janusz Baldyga (Poland)

Art Director – Lida Savchenko-Duda (Ukraine)

Organizers and partners of the festival: Lviv City Council, Dzyga Art Association, Virmenska-thirty-five (Lviv), Polish Institute in Kyiv, Embassy of the State of Israel to Ukraine, OCA Office for Contemporary Art Norway, Lviv puppet theatre,  Alliance Française Lviv.

Partners and organizers