From September 1 to September 7, the INSTITUTE OF ACTUAL ART in Lviv is holding the SCHOOL OF PERFORMANCE based on a more than ten-year tradition of action art festival – Days of Performance Art in Lviv, which continues to be the only professional educational platform in Ukraine.
The demand for knowledge in the performance art basics is growing, and this affects the consistent development of the SCHOOL. Over the period of its existence, it has gone beyond a master class and crystallized into a self-sufficient project – the SCHOOL OF PERFORMANCE, which is an independent open laboratory that examines the specifics of action art, demonstrates a wide range of its fields and technologies.
Among other performance festivals, the SCHOOL OF PERFORMANCE is distinguished by interpreting the educational process as the basis for developing action art: it is a complete cycle of master classes, where each participant has the opportunity to present an individual result.
The choice of an educational mission as one of the major tasks shapes its own artistic environment. The SCHOOL is becoming a place of confrontation of young individuals of the Ukrainian performance art with experienced international environment of action art.

The content of this year’s festival is shaped by the art and individual strategies of the invited artists. The structure of the training is based on three integrated streams: Technology (training) – Mastership (open public presentation of their own performance ideas by School participants after training) – Performance art (familiarization with current trends in modern art of action, performers’ shows).
The training will be conducted by experienced artists who will focus their attention on the individual and group creative process: Janusz Bałdyga from Poland, Anja Ibsch from Germany, Kineret Haya Max from Israel.

JANUSZ BAŁDYGA continues the concept of thematic master classes and suggests the topic: «SPACE − TIME − CULTURAL CONTEXT», which touches the problem of space, place and presence in the context of cultural myth.

KINERET HAYA MAX will hold a master class «I−, AM−, HERE−». The performer, the author of practical educational projects related to action art, Kineret Haya Max has been heading the annual performance art workshop of the performance center «Performance Art Platform» in Tel Aviv since 2017 and is currently teaching at the Musrara Academy of art and society in Jerusalem.

During the master class of ANJA IBSCH «FROM ACTION TO INSTALLATION AND BACK», students will explore the installation features in performative actions: how does installation affect performance, how does it interact with it, how do they mutually develop?
Anja Ibsch is an artist and curator and has been active in the genre of performance and installation since 1993. In her works, she explores the personal, cultural and social aspects of human presence, while analyzing the endurance and tolerance of one’s body.

The program of master classes of the SCHOOL will be supplemented by a performance lecture by VOLODYMYR TOPIY «Staying… between here and «there» and a laboratory action by VOLODYMYR KAUFMAN «Anatomy of Performance».

The school will be accompanied by performances by performers from Ukraine – Yuriy Shtaida, Zabih, from Poland – Janusz Bałdyga, Ryszard Ługowski, Jarosław Perszko, Spain – Isabel León, Mario Montoya, as well as Wilawan Wiangthong from Thailand, Kineret Haya Max from Israel and Anja Ibsch from Germany.

The SCHOOL OF PERFORMANCE training and performances will be held on September 1-7. At the end of the festival, there will be an open discussion of the results of the project among the participants of the School and the audience of the festival.
You can apply to the SCHOOL OF PERFORMANCE from August 9 to August 20, 2019 by filling in the electronic form at:

The main selection criterion will be the personal motivation of potential students. The answer is due by August 23.
More about master classes at lvivartlab.com
The main venue of the festival is Lesya Ukrainka Theater.

Curators: Yaryna Shumska, Volodymyr Kaufman (Ukraine), Janusz Bałdyga (Poland).
The SCHOOL OF PERFORMANCE project will be supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.
Organizers and partners of the festival: Institute of Contemporary Art (Lviv), Lviv City Council, Polish Institute in Kyiv, Virmenska-thirty-five (Lviv).

All performances are free to view.

UKRAINIAN CULTURAL FOUNDATION is a state institution established in 2017 based on the relevant Law of Ukraine, with the aim of promoting the development of national culture and art in the country, providing favorable conditions for the development of the intellectual and spiritual potential of the individual and society, wide access to citizens of national culture, support for cultural diversity and integration of Ukrainian culture into the world cultural space. According to the current legislation, the Foundation’s activities are directed and coordinated by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. Project support is provided by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation on a competitive basis.

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